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Salone del Mobile 2015 – Milan

Furniture Fair 2015. One of the most breathtaking events in Milan. My favorite area was the Brera district and especially the Botanical Garden. The international Be Open Foundation has created a journey through scents. The Garden of Wonders...  ↑ Lilac in The Garden of Wonders... ↑ Pioggia Botanica by ...

CityLife – Milan

Have you ever seen the new architectonical area CityLife in Milan? You definetly have to walk around here on a sunny day. Located just off of Milan’s city center the place was created by the hot and worldwide known architects Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Daniel Libeskind. The plan was to create a huge area in the north ...

Katinka Saltzmann: work as Set-Designer

Dies ist ein kleiner Ausschnitt  meiner Arbeit in Mailand. Bei meiner Tätigkeit als Designer - ob nun Mode- oder in diesem Fall Set-Designer - habe ich es immer mit Farbe, Form, Material und der Zusammensetzung dieser Elemente zu tun. This is a little cutout of my work in Milan. As a Fashion- or in this case Set-Designer ...

Euphrosyne – Katinka Saltzmann

Inspiration – Miracles – Katinka Saltzmann Design

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